Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Response to Now in Texas

After reading the classmate’s viewpoint, I feel that the government should fully support AVID program which will benefit all students with difficulties on their studies especially minorities.

The program supports 5 to 12 grades students, it is important for students at those ages to get some academic supports. If they lose interests on studies or depressed to learn, they would have great chances to drop out of schools. Once they drop out, they would have slightly chance to get higher education. In the end, they may not find better well paid jobs and cause economic burden to their families. Also, it would cause social problems and increase crime rate. If Texas government wants to eliminate the big gap between rich and poor people, it should take action to have AVID program available for all Texas high schools.

When I came to the U.S, I had the language problem and had hard time on studies in community college. Fortunately, the school offers tutoring program which have tutors available for different subjects and it offers flexible schedule for all students. Additionally, those tutors are free of charge and very helpful for my studies. I cannot imagine what would happen if there is no such a program. So, I greatly support AVID, I believe that there are many kids especially immigrants who have language issue and want to learn, but they cannot afford high tutoring fees and get depressed to their studies. They worry about their future just because they are not taken care of by the government. Minorities who from poor and unsupported families deserve to have good education; it is the time to make their dreams come true.

Now in Texas: AVID, one step closer to college dreams


KSeago said...

Very nice, very thoughtful post. Education is the key.

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